Phase 1 (cub)

In progress

Contract Deployment, Initial Listing on PancakeSwap, NFT giveaways and Airdrops. Apply for Blockfolio, BSCScan and Coingecko Listings. Price Bot Submission. Marketing partnerships and engaging with the community. Campaign to promote importance and bring awareness to Donations to the National Wildlife Federation.
Phase 2

Extended Kittenhood

Listing to multiple exchanges for retail trading. NFT Marketplace expansion. NFT contests! We mint and feature winner’s NFTs on the website. AMA (Ask Me Anything) campaign and urban wildlife awareness initiative.
Phase 3


Earn passive income with blockchain based charity videogame. WorldBridge Governance token released. More info to come soon!!!!
Phase 4

The Pride

Global endangered species advocacy campaign through the application of BSC and ETH2.0 Networks.